Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 2010 Lenexa Hook-In

Big Day!  Today was the annual Hook-In held in Lenexa, KS.  Lots of great vendors and lots of hooking going on at the big round tables.
There were MANY wonderful rugs on display by vendors and by local rug hookers.

Here are a few of the animal rugs that caught my eye!

Here are some florals and geometrics...

There's my very own Penny Rug Sunflower - it is the one at the top in this photo.  My friend is also doing it and she's almost finished (hers is the lower one).

A few more fun rugs...

So inspiring to see everyone's beautiful work!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roses and Sunflowers

Hello, and welcome to the Dusty Trail.  If you are a rug hooker like me, you probably understand the significance of the word "dusty" in the name of my blog!

The Lenexa Hook-In is this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the rugs and the vendors and their wares.  I hope to have the edge of my Penny Rug Sunflower completed by then so I can put it in the rug show.  This pattern is by Primitive Grace.  My rug hooking teacher, Anita White, helped me color plan it - I love it!


Here is another shot of it that doesn't show the colors quite as well, but I love how the bunnies in the cabinet are "checking it out", something new in the neighborhood!

The plan is to place the completed rug on the top of a little table that DEAR HUSBAND made for me.  I saw a small primitive-looking foot stool in the Garnet Hill catalog that was the basis for this very, very simple design.  The table has been built, slightly distressed with the sander, and painted, but I would still like to apply a glaze layer to give it a more antiquey look.  Here we are so far though...


He made the top so that the finished rug will fit down in the recessed area.  We bought all the wood at Home Depot for around $35. We bought poplar wood "sticks" about 2"x2", and about 4' long.  (We already had that piece of plywood - so that's not included in the $35.)  I will post another picture when all the work is complete!

Speaking of DEAR HUSBAND, here are my Valentine roses.....

The little puppy is a darling old-fashioned Valentine's Day card from my dear friend Rusty.

Have a great day.