Monday, May 28, 2012

Daylilies and Twinkie and One Crazy Acorn

Hi Friends.  Gayle asked me "What are you working on now?".  Good question.  There is a hooked rug somewhere in my answer to the question, I promise...

Mostly I'm working on keeping my house clean in case there is a showing.  We're on the market!  I must admit that each passing day without a showing I lose a little bit of steam for this whole housecleaning thing.  So many things I'd rather be doing...   like spending time watching the garden coming to life...  Classy Cast has bloomed...

When our son was a little tyke, he used to describe each of his favorite things as "my best".  
Classy Cast is "my best".

Here's another early bird in the garden... Celebrity Elite.  These have had quite a bit of sun on them already today, so they look a little fadey, but this daylily develops a shiny look during the day - almost like they have been sprayed with lacquer - which I can completely guarantee is NOT the case.

And now (drum roll please...)  may I present the 2012 Tiny Bunny.  Following in the footsteps of Little Bun Bun (2010) and Bun3zle (2011), here is BunTwinkle, aka Twinkie.  So far this is the best photo I have been able to manage.  Twinkie is by far the tiniest of the Tiny Bunnies and is faster than greased lightening.  He (she?) is also the shyest.  He is eating the baby carrots I put out there, but only after I leave the area.  Today I bought Kale at the store - he won't be able to resist that!  He is so tiny that when he sits in the lawn (eating it), only his little ears stick up above the grass.

OK - you are probably here to see a hooked rug, so here's my current rug hooking project.  This pattern is called "Nutty" by Cactus Needle.  The pattern may be purchased here  I saw a completed version of it at the Lenexa Hook-in and thought it was really cute.  I pretty much copied the acorn colors from that rug because they were awesome, but I've used other colors for the other elements.

So, that's what I'm working on!
I have an idea percolating in my head for my next rug, but I am doing my best to finish Nutty before I tackle the new idea!