Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vacation Memories #3 New England Flower Boxes and Houses

Back by popular demand!!!  To my several blog readers out there, sorry it's been so long.  But I am happy to know that you enjoy the blog.    

We saw many wonderful flower boxes everywhere we visited in New England.  And, the houses... what can I say?  We saw some spectacular homes, especially along the sea coast.  I don't have pictures of the really special ones - too hard to take a picture from the road.  I would love to go back just to look at the houses - and maybe be a little braver about getting close enough to get a good picture.

 In every little town, the shops had fabulous flower boxes in the windows.
This is a wonderful old home in Marblehead.  Up on the top I'm sure you would have a million dollar view of the ocean.
 Lovely combination of colors and textures.
 Here is a close-up of the one above.
 We were there in August - so everything was very full and mature. 
 Pretty pink geraniums outside a childrens store.
 The flowers in this window weren't too good - but there is a C.C. Barton print inside the gallery!  She is one of my favorite bunny artists.
 Great greenery.
 I had some of these on my patio this year and really loved them.
 Vine geraniums.
 The red grass in this is so cool.
 I think these were in Newburyport, MA.
 This was outside a great seafood place along the coast near Rye, NH. 
 Also near Rye, NH.
 This was on an incredible site - pretty much surrounded by ocean.
 Here's another example of a shingle-style home.  I love this look.
 There are lots of funny little cottages like this one.  It seems like a bad storm would just carry this out to sea!
 This is in Gloucester (I think.)
 Gloucester, MA.
 I would love to know the story behind this castle.  I think we were supposed to go see this, but never found it.  I took this picture from the whale-watching boat as we were leaving the Gloucester harbor on our way out to look for whales.
Speaking of whales...  yes we saw whales!  That would be a good subject for the next post!