Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eureka Springs Getaway

Eureka!!!  Last weekend we visited one of my favorite places, Eureka Springs.  Having our buddies Becky and Ray at nearby Beaver Lake just makes it All That Much Better!!!  

Friday night we attended the preview of the antique show in town.  It's always a good show and I've found a few treasures there over the years.  This year my goal was to Not Buy Anything...  I'm supposed to be "downsizing" ha ha.  I saw at least 100 things I would love to have, but I showed Great Restraint.  I could not resist this though... is it an antique?  Yep, it's an antique.  My third grade Mathematics textbook - in mint condition! 

And then this little print... couldn't resist it either.  So romantic...

Here's a close-up.  I think it's quite a shame men don't wear those ruffly collars anymore!

This flower print is also from the Eureka Springs antique show - maybe 5-6 years ago?  I love it - love these colors and the flowers - everything!  It is quite old.  This hangs in my kitchen at the top of the stairs.

Take a look at this...  this is just heaven!  Right there at Beaver Lake.  Heaven!  Many thanks to Cee Cee for letting us spend some time with her in her studio.
We are so happy because we are about to go inside for a little Sip of Dickle, and to look at The Jewelry, in that order.

After their Sip, we sent the guys off to "look around"...  and then out came The Jewelry!  Ray looks like he knows what happens when The Jewelry comes out!

About an hour (and two necklaces for me) later, we let Cee Cee get back to her creative endeavors.  What a treat!  There are always crazy things to see and do in Eureka Springs.  One of the things I love about this place is that it is not necessary to try to Explain Everything... 
I don't have a photo from Simply Scrumptious Tea Room and Emporium.  If you find yourself in ES, do not fail to have lunch there.  It was... simply scrumptious!  Thanks Miss Charleen!

And many thanks to Becky and Ray for the laughter and the hospitality there in the Acorn Palace at Point Mirage... where the Illusion is Real.  (Well, it used to be until Ray took a chain saw to it!)