Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Rock Creek Hook-in, Lenexa, KS Photo Set 2

Here are the rest of my photos from the hook-in.  I posted the first set yesterday, so if you have not seen those, take a look at them too.

I know I missed a few rugs - one for sure was a wonderful pine cone design - sorry!  It is really beautiful.  Maybe someone else got a shot of it and will post it.

At the end of these photos I will put a link to more photos.  You should take a look at that too!

 My Crazy Horse!  There are better photos of it in my "Ta-Dah" post from a few months ago.

 This is the picture that inspired the rug above.

 Darling rug by my BFF Anne!  We can always count on her to brighten up the rug show!

 I really loved this...  it is hard to tell in this photo, but there is wonderful texture and dimensionality to this rug - and wonderful expressions on the deer and the child.

 Sorry the lighting is not right on this Rose of Sharon design.  The background is creamy white.

 Here is the pillow table.  I didn't get all the info on all of these.  I know the rabbit rug is Flip Flop Bunny Hop (Dogwood Hooked Art).  The two pillows in front of the rabbits are mine - Gypsy Rhyme and Gypsy Riddle, designed by Susan Quicksall, Holly Hill Designs.  There are better photos of them in an earlier post here on the blog.

I did not get the info on these two moose rugs.  They are the same pattern - reversed and with very different styles.  I think is in fascinating to see how the same pattern can be interpreted so many different ways.

 I absolutely love the colors used for the water in this rug.  It looks FREEZING cold!

 Cactus Needle designs (like these two vintage postcards and many more designs) are found at

 This is a rug named Nutty, design by Cactus Needle (  Nola Heidbreder had it in her booth and I love it!  I bought the pattern and plan to make an Exalted Acorn - a lot like this one!  This cracked me up.  Love it.

OK - here is the link to another set of photos.  Other than Nutty above, I didn't take any photos in vendor booths - so you will have a chance to see some of those rugs in this set.  Also check out the great rug patterns (like Flip Flop Bunny Hop above) and other stuff on the site, including the beautiful raffle rug!

More photos:

If you have not seen my first set of photos, they are here.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Rock Creek Hook-in, Lenexa, KS Photo Set 1

Greetings!  Yesterday was the annual Rock Creek Hook-in, Lenexa, KS.  As always, it was a great event.  I have lots of photos - I will divide them up into several posts over the next few days - so keep checking. 


For the individual rugs, I have tried to provide the pattern name and designer.  I think I got most of them!  I did not list the name of the rug hooker because lots of folks don't like their name to be on the Internet. If you really need more info about a particular rug, leave a comment and I will try to track it down.

Here are some overall views of the venue....

Here is the first batch of rugs from the rug show...if you want to see it bigger, click on the photo, then use back button to come back.


Here are my bunnies!!  There are much better photos in my blog post from a few days ago...

I'll put more out here tomorrow so check back!

(Second set of photos now ready)