Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Hooking Finishes... and Alaska Part Three!

Didn't think it would take quite THIS long to get back on here!  A lot has been happening, not the least of which is that we sold our house!  It took six months, but considering the terrible housing market, we are very pleased.  We'll still be here for awhile, which is good since we have not quite figured out where we are headed next.  Also good because we have "lots" of stuff to sort through and decide:  keep or sell? 

I have a few rug hooky bits and pieces to share, then a few more Alaska photos if you wish to hang around for that. 

I finished these three little mats recently.  The tulip has been on here before when I was fussing around trying to figure out how to cover the frame with wool.  The wool is the same blue/green used for the stem and the outlining.  The spray adhesive worked fine... but next time I think I'll be patient and let it get to the tacky stage before applying the wool.  As soon as the wool touched the wood - it was STUCK!!!  But all's well that ends well.  
The pattern is from Anita White's Cupboard Series. 

This little mat is also from Anita's Cupboard Series, but I modified it just a bit.  It is now shorter from side to side than the original pattern and I changed some of the designs in the sections.  I still need to bind the edge on this one.

Yet another Cupboard Series design! This is Flock in Flowers.  Many of Anita's students have hooked it, and it is so much fun to see all the variations.  Mine may win the prize for being the most weird!  To me, they are already-dyed sheep - all ready to hook!  I bought the frame from Anita already painted this delicious orange color.

Last weekend we had our annual rug hooking retreat at The Barn in Valley Falls, KS.  It is organized by our local rug hooking guild (State Line Rug Hookers Guild).  I started the small rug below at The Barn.  It is a pattern from artist Karla G - this particular one is pretty simple compared to her others.  She sells patterns of her artwork to rug hookers on ebay.  Search for KarlaG - her patterns are really cute.  She shows her original painting in the auction so you can get ideas for color planning, or of course you can strike out on your own!  I am totally stealing from her painting for my color plan.  When this is finished, I'll show you her painting next to my rug - you'll see. 

Just for you... a few more shots from Alaska.  This little garden in Skagway caught my eye from the sidewalk.  Inside were the most amazing poppies I have ever seen....

 .....this one is being visited by an Alaskan bee....

 .....this one is just a show-stopper!

While Mike was flying around in a little plane taking pictures of Denali (aka Mt. McKinley), I was finding all sorts of wonderful things right on the ground.  Please know that I risked my life to get these shots!  About every 30 yards on the hiking trail was a sign to inform the hapless hiker what to do if confronted by A BEAR!!! 
The shots below were taken near Denali Park - not inside the park, but close by.

Isn't this cool?   No, I did not take a bite.

Everywhere you look there are gorgeous textures and colors.

This mushroom is amazing - reminds me of eggs at breakfast.

I wonder what all those little pods are around this mushroom.

Next time... Denali...the big mountain...  I promise.