Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacation Memories #4 - Whale Watching

One of our favorite vacation experiences was our whale-watching tour.  We started our journey in Gloucester Harbor.  As we left the harbor, we saw this wonderful sailing ship.
 This is the view from the top deck of the whale-watching boat.  Below was another deck with a dining room.
 Another sailor enjoying a beautiful day at sea.
It took about 2 hours to reach the area where whales had been spotted by other boats.  We were 33 miles out from the harbor!
 This is one of our first sightings - a humpback whale.  Many photos were taken that day!
 Lots of watching over the side of the boat.  And lots of running back and forth every time someone spotted one on the other side of the boat!
 This is another whale-watching boat in the same area.  The captains of all the boats are able to communicate with each other - which really helps find the whales!
 It is possible to see the whale's spray from a long ways away!  Spotting that is one of the best ways to find the whales.
 Here are several swimming together - pretty close to the boat!
Now very close to the boat!
 This one swam right under the boat with her calf right beside her.
 I thought it was so interesting how the color of the water changed depending on the direction of view.  Look at this blue...
 The sun and clouds created an amazing image.
 Here's the blue version!
The entire voyage took almost 6 hours - but it was worth every minute.  We saw 7 different humpback whales - with many sightings of each one.  Each whale has a unique tail pattern.  (I was not lucky enough to get a good shot of a tail up out of the water.)  The whale "experts" on the boat were college kids studying marine biology.  They did a fantastic job of helping everyone have a good experience.
 If we ever get back there, we'll do this again!

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  1. As always, Amy, look forward to your beautiful pictures and wonderful captions.......really enjoyed all of them....the window box pictures were a dream also..............thanks for sharing with us!


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