Monday, February 20, 2012

At Last! A Finish!

Have you ever started a new project when one or two or ten unfinished ones are sitting there with that terribly sad and forlorn expression....saying "what about me"? (make little crying sounds as you read that).  Be honest, you know you have, we all have. 

With an admirable degree of diligence on my part and an Outright Spoken Out Loud "new year's resolution", I have managed to make headway on several unfinished rug hooking projects.  Here's the first one!

These two pillows were started at a camp in Eureka Springs in 2009.  My teacher was Susan Quicksall.  On her website, the patterns are named Gypsy Rhyme and Gypsy Riddle.  I wanted them to coordinate with a quilt I made years ago.  I took the quilt to camp and found all of these colors in Susan's wool selection (with the exception of the purple background, which was an afterthought - that's from Anita).

So... ta dah!!!

 I did a "hit or miss" binding with wool yarn, and I love the way it turned out!  It was a bit tedious, but I hung in there.  Lots of starting and stopping...

Anita had this WONDERFUL plaid wool for the backs of the pillows.  Just perfect!  During the hooking phase I added about 1 inch all the way around so there would be room for the pillow to "shape" without interfering with the design.

 It is nice to finally see them resting on the quilt.  They seem... well... happy and fulfilled... at last!

 Next up:  Bunnies in a Barn...  stay tuned.


  1. Amy ~
    Your pillows turned out GREAT! I just love how you finished them.
    Looking forward to your next UFO finish.
    Hugs :)

  2. Amy - I NEVER start a new project before finishing the old one! HA! LOL Actually, my studio is full of half finished projects - I should have made the same resolution that you did at the first of the year! Anyway, your pillows are delightful - I love the colors - and the little bit of beading you did - and the way you whipped the edges using different yarns - and that backing plaid fabric is so perfect! Your quilt is lovely too - they look perfect together. Great job!

  3. These pillows are gorgeous! beautiful designs and beautiful work. Debby from Maine

  4. Good for you for sticking to your New Year's resolution and finish these two beautiful pillows. I too am working on an unfinished king size quilt and will not pull a hoop till the quilt is off the frame. The home renovations are keeping me from working on my quilt and also reading blogs and leaving comments are taking some extra time. JB


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