Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flip Flop Bunny Hop... Done!

Yesterday, when I had to stop everything to carry my most precious items to the basement, I was not quite finished tacking down the twill tape on the back of Flip Flop.  Damn TORNADOES - leave us alone!  Thankfully, we were spared all but some high winds and a bit of rain and hail.  The bad stuff skirted right by us to the northeast.  This time.

So Flip Flop Bunny Hop did not get finished last night, but didn't get blown away either!  It took just a few minutes to finish up today...  so...  Ta-Dah!!!

(The light green you see around the outer edge is not part of the rug.)

I think this pattern by Dogwood Hooked Arts is very clever and creative.  Thank you Dogwood Hooked Arts!  (Pattern is available at 

I tweaked a few things after my previous post about this rug.  I emphasized the dark outlining around the bunnies a bit more, I re-did the eyes several times, I lightened the center bunny just a wee bit, and I added a very narrow and slightly recessed dark brown outline around the white tails - very narrow as in a #4 cut.  It is hard to see in the photo, but just that tiny bit of outline made the tails seem more dimensional - made them stand out better against the crazy background around them.  (Thanks Anita!!!)  Last, I finished the edge with cording and a nice green wool yarn that blended very well.

If you have not seen my previous post about my inspiration for this rug, you can check it out here

 Thanks for looking!


  1. I love your crazy background. Great job!

  2. Amy, I'm glad that you were spared the tornados, such a frightening thing to go through, this bad weather.
    Your Flip Flop Bunny Hop rug is wonderful. I like how the multicolor works in this rug. You did such a remarkable job. Thanks for the update.

  3. Woohoo! Looks great. Showed your previous picture yesterday while at the Lincoln NE hook in. Love your creative style, very inspiring!

  4. Your rug turned out great! The eyes look so expressive! Glad the tornados passed you by. It was a scary evening with all the warnings. ~Roberta

  5. What a great rug...wonderful colors! Hope all the bad weather has passed.

  6. Amy - You're new rug is SO delightful! It has a LOT of energy in it and the colors are wonderful! As someone who has lived in the West my entire life, I don't know how people can endure the stress of hurricane season - whew!

  7. That is AWESOME! Love it, love it! :)))


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