Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trees in Threes and Trees in Snows

I finished my little Karla G design.  It is called Three Trees.  I loved the color treatment she used on her painting so I stuck pretty close to it for my rug.

It was fun to hook, although leaving all the tails on the bottom was a nuisance.  I started hooking normally, with tails on top, but going "across" on the trees resulted in MANY tails!  My plan is to mount it and frame it, so the tails on the back will not be a problem.  The finished rug is 10" x 19" (which happens to be the size of the design on the paper pattern). 

Karla sells paper patterns on ebay.  Search for Karla G or Art by Karla G.  She sends a photo of the way she painted the design (which I used!!!).  She also sends written permission saying you may legally copy and enlarge the pattern to make your rug the size you want.  There are hundreds of images of her art on Google images and lots on Pinterest too.  Lots of inspiration!

Another winter wonderland today.  It is beautiful.  So far we have not lost power... keeping fingers and toes crossed!


At least the snow is moisture.  If it snows another 50 feet or so, maybe we'll get caught up!

Happy Snow Day!


  1. Beautiful rug as are the snow pics!Hoping you keep your power.Stay warm and safe.Hugs,Jen

  2. Wow Amy - your new rug is spectacular - and it looks like it must have been a fun design to hook! I love her artwork and would like to do one myself some day! We got 8" of snow on Saturday - I can never have enough of the stuff! Beautiful pictures!

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