Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Forever Stamps

I recently finished this little rug.  It has found a home right next to my side of the bed, which makes it the first thing my feet touch every morning.  I love the feel of a hooked wool rug on my bare feet!  The rug is 21" by 41" and is made mostly of leftover strips from other rug projects.  The little colorful squares reminded me of postage stamps, so I named it Forever Stamps.  My husband named it The DNA of a Perfect Child.  I like that too, but I'm sticking with Forever Stamps.

The rug below inspired my design.  I found it on Pinterest.  It was described as "Early American Hooked Rug".  It had been pinned from a fancy New York antiques website offering furniture and other goodies. It was described as "Ingenious in its style, color and composition, this spectacular antique American hooked rug features a splendid all-over pattern that creates an illusion of depth and texture. The beautiful basket-weave pattern with its polychromatic stripes follows a strict under-over form that sets it apart from the monochromatic and subtly variegated squares featured in the background. Like a patchwork quilt that incorporates innumerable colors and prints, this stunning antique hooked rug is a joy to behold. The varied earth-tone hues are juxtaposed beautifully against the vivid pink, vermillion and turquoise accent colors that are set between the basket-weave stripes. This outstanding antique American hooked rug illustrates the amazing versatility of a simple geometric repeating pattern, which is executed in a way that is full of color, texture and visual appeal."  

And it is 8' by 12'.  Huge!  Asking price: $24,000!

I wonder if my Forever Stamps rug will ever be for sale on a fancy New York antiques website?  Probably not.  Maybe a garage sale somewhere.  In the meantime, and I hope for a long time, I'm looking forward to feeling that soft warm wool on my tootsies every morning.

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. What an awesome rug Amy - scrap rugs & quilts are my very favorite kind, so this could happily live at my house too! I love that bias finish on the edge. Glad your bare toes are enjoying it every morning....

  2. That has to feel wonderful underfoot. I love it.
    Happy Easter :)


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