Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thanks for the PINspiration

I enjoy Pinterest.  I am fascinated by the seemingly infinite quantity of images related to every possible subject imaginable.

Every once in awhile one of those images gets in my head and stays there until I act upon it in some way.   My most recent hooked rug is an example of that phenomenon:

It measures 20" by almost 33".

Here is the Pinterest image that inspired my rug:

It is a "modern" Navajo rug.  As you can see, I changed up the colors a bit, and of course my rug is hooked not woven.  You can see this weaving and other gorgeous contemporary Navajo works of art here on this website.

I wish you a Very Happy New Year!  
I am looking forward to more PINspirations in 2016!



  1. Very cool rug, Amy!
    Health and happiness to you in the new year.
    Hugs :)

  2. Really amazing rug. Love your colors.

  3. I'm SPEECHLESS! This is such a graphic & striking rug - I absolutely love it! This one definitely needs to be shared with a larger audience Amy - would you please submit it to Rug Hooking Magazine? Then I can say I 'knew her when'.
    P.S. How big is it?

    1. Thanks Gayle! I forgot to put the measurements in the post. It is 20" by 32.5". I think I'll add that.

  4. Love this design & colors! Hope to see you at the retreat.

    1. Thanks Anne! The retreat kind of coincides with my husband's birthday, so I didn't sign up to stay the weekend. I'll see about coming out for the day on Saturday if it works out.

  5. Amy.... that rug is absolutely fabulous! Your design and color planning is just so striking. I would love to make one like that! I'm not hooking anything right now.... haven't a place for anything, but I still love to hook. Well, I'm sure I'll get back to it soon. Thanks so much for your nice and thoughtful comment on my blog. I'm enjoying get back into it. Gosh, are we ever going to get together again?! Maybe we should meet up at some sort of hookin or class. That could be fun!


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