Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Little Words

Three Little Words usually brings to mind the lovely sentiment "I love you".  I am all in favor of that.  But there are other combinations of three little words that also pack a punch.

I found myself with a long skinny piece of linen left over from a past rug hooking project - roughly 13" by 60".  I rolled it out on the floor and stared at it.  Too skinny for a floor runner.  I contemplated.  "It should say something!"  Almost instantly I knew what it should say - these three little words...

I've been doing mostly scrappy/hit or miss rugs lately in an effort to use up leftover wool, but for this rug I wanted something else.  I remembered this beautiful eggplant textured wool I purchased awhile back on speculation (because I loved it!).......  this would be the words!  I also used it to bind the edge of the rug. 

Next I chose a font on my computer for the letters.  After choosing the font, I printed out each letter in the size I wanted it to be on the rug.  I cut out the letters and traced them directly onto the linen.  To keep things level, I had already drawn a straight line on the linen where the bottom of each letter would be.

When choosing the font, I had to keep in mind how difficult it would be to hook the shape of the letter.  I liked this font because it was overall pretty straight, with just a few curvy flourishes to add interest.  (I just spent an hour trying to find the Word document I used to make the letters so that I could tell you the name of the font.  I have noticed that the ONLY files that EVER get lost on my computer are those I MIGHT want to look at again someday.  Sorry.) 

For the background, Anita (my rug hooking teacher Anita White) helped me choose one of her beautiful overdyed wools.  I think it does a great job of backing up the eggplant letters without overpowering them.  Here is a piece of you can see, it is a plaid with very large squares (4"x4").  In real life, it is more subdued than it appears here.

The rug hangs on the wall centered above two side-by-side doors in our living room.  It looks great and everyone notices it up there.

I have started a new rug, and in fact it is almost finished!  I'll be back soon...

Enjoy your particular version of summer.  Our particular version can only be described as...HUMID!!!