Monday, May 31, 2010

Another getaway to Cottonwood Falls

Well it was back to the Flint Hills for us last Friday.  Can't seem to stay away.  On our last visit, when Mike photographed the prairie fires earlier this spring, we found this wonderful old motel in Cottonwood Falls - the Millstream Motel.  We knew we wanted to come back and stay there - so we did!  Cottonwood Falls has live music every Friday night out in front of the Emma Chase cafe - a pretty good excuse to go I'd say!  We were lucky to get the "cabin" for our overnight stay.  It was so cute!
This little motel is right on the Cottonwood River.  The grounds are so pretty. Here's Mike up on the balcony of the lodge building photographing spider webs.  The lodge building has rooms on the top floor.  The lower floor is one big space that I really wanted to see!  Apparently no one goes in there.....
 There was once a mill right here by the falls.
The whole place was covered with cottonwood fluff!  It looked like snow flying through the air.  I loved how it got all caught up in the spider webs - sure to confound the spiders!  Yeah!

Great fishing from the bridge over the river.  This little guy caught a bass, and he had already caught two before this!  He was pretty proud of his catch, and he really wanted to show me how he cleans and fillets the fish - but I just couldn't watch.  Wimp!
I know I said we went to Cottonwood Falls for the music - but let's just say that the motel and our cute little cabin turned out to be the highlight of the trip!

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