Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early days in the garden

We are close, very close, to the daylily explosion in the backyard!  A few have opened up, so I thought it was time to get out there and take some photos.  Rain and humidity have taken a toll these last few days, but I'm SO READY to see my lily friends that I don't care if they look a little rough around the edges.  I feel a little rough around the edges myself!  By way of a "before" picture, here's my biggest garden - picture taken last week - looking all nice and well-behaved!  No real color yet but great mounds of beautiful foliage and lots and lots of daylily buds.  And chock full of bunnies I am sure.
Speaking of bunnies, this little guy has been scaring me half to death running across the sidewalk and along the paths in the garden.  He waits until I am almost upon him and then jumps out.  As much as I love bunnies, I must say that because he is so small, I sometimes think he is a... rodent.  I'm getting used to it.  He thinks it's hilarious.  I walked out to look at the garden a few hours ago and he was munching right by the patio.  He doesn't even run away anymore when I go out there.  Want a photo?  No problem!
 Oops, got a little itch...
So what's a bunny-lover to do?  OK - so they occasionally eat something they shouldn't...  but I can tolerate these little guys much more than the skunk who took up residence on our patio a few weeks ago.  We successfully ran the skunk off.
This iris is from a few weeks ago.  Just the most luscious, creamy, dreamy-smelling thing you can imagine. 
Here's another one - regal and dramatic!
Here are a few daylilies who have made an appearance so far.  This is Pistachio Mint.
This is Scarlet Orbit. 
I have lost track of the name of this one.  Very petite, ruffly.
Some of the perennials are pretty now.  Things are mature enough now to make a nice showing.  Most of my gardens are in full shade all morning - so I'm happy to have anything blooming!  Sunny Coreopsis - see the bunny - that was a great estate sale find.
These pink bell-shaped flowers are very cool - I need to look up the name - it's not bellflower.
Another beauty hiding under a pot of annuals. 
This is my favorite time of year.  I can hardly wait every morning to go out there and check things out - dead-head the spent blooms - enjoy a cuppa coffee with the lilies - bliss...

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