Thursday, July 22, 2010

Foliage is not just for Fall

The garden is winding down.  The Shasta daisies are still pretty and there are a few late daylilies still doing their thing - or at least they are trying their best in this heat.  I have one last batch of daylily photos to get ready for the blog - but I'll get to those later.  Tonight is for foliage.  This year I have loved finding various foliage backgrounds for the daylily shots.  But foliage deserves its own shot too!  

Here is Caladium growing in a patio pot.

This plant is one I have mentioned before.  It is a variegated Lily of the Valley.  The dragonfly was incredibly patient with me as I tried to photograph her.  


This is a perennial geranium.  It blooms in early spring with a rather insignificant little flower - then it remains a lovely 6"-8" high carpet of beautiful foliage the rest of the summer.  I have it in several places along the border.

Lamb's Ear.

Ajuga.  I love to see where this pops up every year.

I don't know the name of this plant.  It is so cute in its little pot.  I think I'll try to bring this in for the winter.

Autumn Joy sedum.  Looks like some bugs have been munching on it...

Another little sedum.  It finds its own way in the garden.  After 20 years, I just let it do its thing filling in cracks and crevices in and along the rock wall.  Here it has found an overturned clay saucer to lovingly embrace.  I don't have the heart to disturb it! 

OK, so technically this is not just foliage, but I love the combination of foliage around this Butterfly Weed....

This is like looking at a miniature forest from above...

As much as I love foliage... it's nothing compared to Little Bun Bun's love of the stuff.  For such a tiny creature, he has de-foliaged quite a bit of our lawn in the back yard.  (I'm sure he has had some help from some of his larger friends.)  As you can see, I have convinced the little guy to take food from my hand.  He has been eating little tiny carrots from my hand for about a week now.  He also loves kale so today I offered kale and he took it!  You can get a sense of how little he is in this photo.
Good Night Bun Bun.  I'll get to the store early tomorrow to stock up on all your favorite things!

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  1. Beautiful plants...and the bunny soooo cute!!!


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