Monday, July 5, 2010

At Least We Don't Need to Water the Grass

We had a VERY wet Independence Day here.  But the bike races and the fireworks went on as scheduled!  Mike took this picture of the fireworks viewed from the very top of the new Oread Hotel.  And the flag is also atop the Oread.

Here is my big cookie flag!  It was great!

And of course too much rain spoils the daylilies for the day.  No new pictures yesterday, or today.  A slow drizzle has settled in.  But here are a few more shots from several days ago.  This is a great dark pink lily - I have lost track of her name but she is very showy.

 Spectacular Raspberry Star.  This is a spider form and stays very low in my garden.  The color is just incredible.

Frosted Pink Ice looks delicious.

Here's Nile Crane again with a side of Shasta daisies.

Etosha (again!).  Sorry - she's just so pretty.  Here with a side of bright petunias.

Cherry Ice Cream. 

One night about a week and a half ago, we had this amazing sky right before dusk.  It looked just like this - pink clouds.  The colors in the garden always look very beautiful at dusk, but that night they looked very unusual - a pink tinge as you might expect.

So I ran in and got the camera.  This was my first photo attempt under the pink clouds.  I know I should read the darn book, but...I really LOVE this shot!

I became interested in the possibilities of dusk photos.  This shot is from a few nights ago - around 9PM.  No pink clouds, but I got a little closer to a proper exposure!

This is the same general area of the garden in a more "daylight" condition.

This was also an interesting effect - not quite as late in the evening - but the sun is very low and shining over the top of the house onto those tall trees across the fairway.  These are Vintage Wine daylilies.

Every once in awhile, a daylily lands in the just the perfect place!  This is Red Ribbons.

Our Little Bun Bun has learned to eat carrots and blueberries and strawberries.  He is quite spoiled.  He has also eaten the grass clear down to bare dirt in this spot right by the patio.  There are still a few blades left in this photo - looks pretty bare now! 

Here's my "artsy" shot of him.
We have not seen the little guy since Saturday morning.  But maybe he's been hiding out somewhere trying to stay dry.  I know the feeling.

THIS JUST IN:  Have to edit the blog to tell you that Bun Bun was just spotted in the back yard.  Yeah!!! 


  1. These are great photos Amy!! Thank you. I also love the blurry flower shot. Sometimes the coolest things in life are the "accidents". See ya soon! -Rick

  2. Ok... we need to come see your garden in person! Maybe we can just day trip up there!


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