Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 8

This was not a big week for hooking progress.  There were a few of life's interruptions to deal with!  But here is the progress shot for week 8.  At the end of this post, I'll tell you how many hours I've logged so far!
I hooked in more background over on the right - all of it except the streak behind the cat.  That is supposed to be blue and I am still struggling to find the right one.  I have a few pieces of a nice blue-green hooked in there right now, but I have only a small piece of that wool.  I am hoping to find a perfect as-is wool at the Lenexa hook-in today for my "blue" background color.
I also changed out my "green" background wool this week.  I was not In Love with my original green (it was too gray), so I replaced it with a new green - see it under the chicken above.  I love it!  It is brighter and cheerier and seems much more at home in this rug than the gray one did.

I was sure ready to switch to the other side of the rug!  Over on the left side, I completed this great flower...which reminds me of an ice cream cone...
...and the last of the three similar leaves - this one is the smallest.  This has not yet been outlined in the off-white.

Out of curiosity, I've been keeping track of my time on this rug - including time spent hooking, thinking about which colors to use, cutting wool - all the tasks that go into making a hooked rug.  I began on January 1, 2011 - 56 days ago.  I have logged in 123 hours so far!  I did some measuring...  the border of this rug is 1/3 of the total area and the center part is 2/3.  I have about half of the center part done - so I am 1/3 complete!  If I tack on some time at the end for binding, I expect to have close to 380 hours in the rug at the end!  I feel like I am getting faster as I go along, mostly because I have to think less about colors now, so maybe it won't be 380 hours...  we'll see!

Today is the hook-in in Lenexa.  As usual on hook-in day, there is a bad weather forecast, but I hope to get there and see all the vendors and all the fabulous rugs!  Check back soon for pictures!

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