Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 6

I'm back from my warm and sunny vacation to Arizona.  Well, "warm" might be a bit of an exaggeration.  There were a few very cold days when we were in the region of The Grand Canyon, Flagstaff and Sedona.  More about that later...

Like Week 4, Week 6 also lost a few days to vacation, but I did make progress.  Here's the overall shot for this week...

In the last post, I showed the rabbit and the dog over on the right side, with no background.  I decided to fill in more background around them this week.  If I got that done, I would start on the second cat - which I did!  You can see him taking shape at the top.
I am unsure about those two cream-colored patches on the dog.  My eye goes right to them every time I look at the rug.  I think I will tone those down with a different solid color - or maybe just use the same texture as his other two patches.  I was also disappointed (at first) with that flower motif between the rabbit and the dog.  It was all finished, background around it and all, and it basically disappeared!   For some reason, I had not outlined it in the off-white.  On this rug, some of the smaller motifs are NOT outlined (like those red and blue circles in this photo), but that flower between the rabbit and dog is too big to be NOT outlined.  So after much fiddlesome "reverse" hooking, I got the outlining around it and voila!  It reappeared and I think it is wonderful!  I think I learned that lesson...  if I make that mistake again I probably won't admit it!!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our Arizona trip.  I have fallen deeply in love with all the cactus forms out there.  I'm a Kansas girl, and though we do see the occasional ground-hugging cactus here, I must say I was Quite Taken With and A Bit Surprised At the beauty of the cactus.  These shots are a combination of photos taken in a cactus "show" garden in Phoenix and on hiking trails around Sedona.  
And, a place that needs no introduction, The Grand Canyon....

So beautiful, so inspiring. Thank goodness for cameras because it is impossible to put this much beauty into words.

Check back next week for more rug progress...I'm going to be concentrating on more animals...


  1. Wow Amy - You really got a lot done on your rug. I'm loving the background! And you're right about what a difference that light outline makes in letting the individual motifs stand out better! Great pictures of the Grand Canyon - I've only been to the North Rim cuz that's closest to us here in Utah. We took my mom to see it for the first time about five years ago when she was 75 and she was so happy! Were you visiting family? Or just visiting? Anyway, glad to see your new post this morning - it's fun hooking this rug with you!

  2. Goodness Gracious, you capture the most magnificent pictures whether they are in your backyard or The Grand Canyon. I am more in love with your rug with each loop you really is wonderful, Amy!


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