Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 11

My favorite thing about this week's progress is my new turquoise background.  I have three areas hooked in and I really like it.  Here is the overall shot for this week.

Most of the work this week was still over on the left side - filling in background.  Check out the turquoise!  As much as I love the turquoise, I realized that my color plan called for LOTS of "blue" in the background swooshes (in my rug, blue=turquoise).  So I decided to revamp the plan just a little bit.  I don't want to overdo it!

I hooked this little leaf and a little bird, but the little bird is not yet ready for its close-up!  Something just doesn't look right!  I'll get that little bird fixed and in here next week.  There is one more leaf like this one, a bit smaller.  Then... I Am Finished With Motifs!
My blog friend Gayle posted a picture this week of her darling hit or miss rug that was inspired by a rug photo from the Lenexa hook-in.  If you have not seen it, check it out on her post dated March 15th, Gayle's blog.  I told her I would post a picture of the hit or miss I made for my foyer, so here it is.  It measures 40" x 60".  Each block is 10" x 12".   You draw the grid (this one is on linen), then just alternate the direction of hooking for each block.  Pretty simple!  This rug is a combination of all different size cuts, colors, textures, solids, you name it... it's in there!  It is a bit more colorful-looking in real life than in this picture.  I should probably photograph it in the daytime!  We all love it here in this household... it feels really soft and comfy to walk across it.
Have a great week everyone!  Happy Spring!!!


  1. I just love to examine all the little critters you have in this rug. There's a little cat that still needs background--and it is so sweet. I like the turquoise very much and how it moves the eye. What size cut are you hooking for this rug? I saw Gayle's rug and I agree it is super. Your hit or miss is beautiful. You just can't miss with a well done hit or miss!! I only made a stool with that style, but when I get enough loose worms, watch out!!

  2. Amy - Every week I am blown away by how much progress you've made on this big rug! It looks so wonderful! And now - after seeing your hit & miss - I've decided that you really like making BIG rugs! Having this rug at your front door must set the mood for your entire home - it's just beautiful! Did you actually hook it using leftovers? Or did you have to cut in to some new wool to make it?

    Now I have another favor to ask (I'm turning into a pest, huh?) I had some free time last week and I was looking at some of your old blog posts that I hadn't read before. When you first started your Crazy Horse runner, you showed a picture of it stretched out across a chair to show the size of it. In the background - under the window - I saw some baskets lined up that I think hold your worms. I'd love to see more of that stuff - what a great way to organize - and make things look pretty at the same time!


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