Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 9

After spending last Saturday at the hook-in, it was fun to work on my rug this week and think about all the other rug hookers out there doing the same thing and creating all their masterpieces!  If you have not seen photos of the rugs at the Rock Creek Lenexa hook-in, check out my two previous posts.  There are also photos on Anita's blog.

I continued to work on the "other end" of Crazy Horse this week.  Here is the overall shot.  With this much of the rug completed, it is starting to be like wrestling an alligator to work on it!  I have one of those wonderful turning frames on a floor stand, but actually turning the rug is becoming a challenge.

I completed the purple chicken, the horse, the sheep, the heart, and a bunch of pennies this week.
The third and final chicken!
 The second and final horse.
The horse is hooked with the wool pictured below.  It is pretty thick and almost "spongey" feeling.  When you cut it, you end up with some lighter strips and some darker strips.  My plan was to use darker strips on the legs, tail and mane - lighter strips in the body area.  It pretty much turned out that way although I see a few areas I want to go back and work on.  I'm not sure why, but seeing a photograph of the hooking helps to point out things you had not really noticed before!  I guess the photo is a way to experience Super Focus!

This is the one and only sheep in the rug design.  I think it turned out so cute.  The gray squiggles are hooked with a wool I bought at the hook-in last Saturday.  I think it makes a nice subtle contrast with the creamy color.   Here is another example of something I hadn't noticed until I saw this photo....  I need to fix the eye - there is a little tail sticking out! 

I'm excited that we start back up with classes at Anita's this week!  We've not been together on Wednesday morning since way back in December.  I want to start thinking about the border of this rug.  I know I'll use the same basic colors I've used so far, but I will need more wool.

We are getting close to Spring here in Kansas.  My husband took this wonderful shot of a robin sitting in our Zumi Crab tree last week.  Pretty soon this robin will be able to sit in the same place and be nestled in beautiful white blooms!  Hmmm.... rug design possibility???

Have a great week and check back next Saturday to see how Crazy Horse is coming along.  I may actually have to slow down a little bit, my hands (both of them) are starting to have some unusual pains!  Hmmm... could it be from rug hooking???  I hope not!


  1. You really got quite a bit done this week Amy! I love, love, love that little sheep! Hope your hands don't get any worse - I've heard that it's good if we change hooks every few hours to provide and little relief - have you ever tried that? I started a new rug on Wednesday. After seeing one of your pictures from Lenexa, the design just popped into my head and I had to get going on it! Sheesh!

  2. Your rug is amazing with all the little motifs running through it...animals, pennies, swirly designs. You're doing a wonderful job.

  3. Beautiful rug. It would be fun to work on with so many different elements to it. You certainly wouldn't get bored hooking it.

  4. *****changing hooks has absolutely nothing to do with pains from rug hooking...this is where all of the problems occur when people start such unfounded rumors. you are simply holding your hook incorrectly...your hands or wrists should NEVER...i repeat NEVER hurt from hooking. try palming the hook, not holding it like a pencil, and insert your hook at a 45 degree angle. once the wool has been pulled to the surface, roll your hook to your right to release the wool. should the pain continue and you are holding the hook incorrectly, you will permanently damage the tendons and nerves which will result in either surgery, giving up hooking, or both. good example of this is in the alice beatty book, the hook book. no one using this method of hooking has any pain from the process.

  5. Amy, It is fun to see how many of these textures are hooking up---the pink/purple checked chicken is wonderful, I recognize that old check from the horse---you must have had that one stashed away as it is long gone. Yes it will be good to see everyone at class on Wednesday---Monday's classes were fun! Much catching up to do. Anita


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