Monday, June 24, 2013

A Few New Beauties

I'm out there every morning before breakfast - even before coffee - checking to see who has arrived on the daylily scene overnight.

This morning's arrivals...

Cameo Cupcake.
Check out her 8 petals!!!  This is pretty rare.  I usually have 1 or 2 daylilies all summer with 8 petals, and here is one on the very first bloom of this variety!  I was excited.  

Brand New Lover...  
Sure to be more photos of her later.  She is very photogenic, especially with other perennials blooming around her.

Blonde is Beautiful.

Anna Blocher... just a nice old standby in the garden.  She makes lots of blooms so she is good "en masse".

Who will arrive tomorrow morning???
I'll be out there to see.


  1. Your lilies are amazing Amy! Jim and I so enjoyed looking at this post!


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