Sunday, June 23, 2013

Early (but late) Daylilies

It is daylily time here in Kansas again.  But they are so LATE!!!!  
We had such a weird Spring; everything seems to be a bit behind.  

This is my last summer to be "Chief of Weed-Pulling Operations" in my garden.  We have sold our home, and by this time next year, the garden will be someone else's responsibility.  I still can't quite wrap my mind around that... 

Here are the lilies that have made an appearance so far... 

 Sweet little "Lullaby Baby" is always early and always lovely and always one of my favorites.

"Saucy Lulu" is also an early one and can be counted on for a very bold stroke of color.

"Pistachio Mint" has those delicious pastel pink ribs on her baby yellow petals.

My most favorite daylily of all is Classy Cast.  
She's early, and fortunately, very prolific.  She'll be around for quite awhile getting all her buds open!

 Here's Classy showing off her gorgeous green throat.

 A different Classy Cast bloom (on a taller scape) showing a bit different shape.
Early morning bugs on Classy Cast.  These bugs have great taste!

 This is "Celebrity Elite".  Brilliant color especially early in the day.

 I use Celebrity Elite to line one side of the screened-in porch.

 "Ming Toy" is another early red.  She has an almost spidery shape, but she's small.

Just started to rain out there...  no weeding today!

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