Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daylily Loveliness... between downpours

When it rains it pours and it's been pouring.  Rain is a good thing... but not the best way for a fresh new daylily bloom to start the day!  After several mornings of rain, the lilies got to open up in peace this morning and were beautiful all day - until about 5:00 when it poured again!  At least we haven't had to water!
Look at this beauty...  Commandment... photographed early this morning.  She is not even open all the way yet.
This is little Pink Puff.  One of my favorites.  Sweet Sweet Sweet.
Thumbprint is very unusual.  Today's bloom was not perfect, but you can see she has a lot going on!
Beautiful Edgings is very properly named!  Look at those perfect ruffles tinged in pink.
Here's a colorful line-up.  I think that's Blonde is Beautiful, Beverly Hills and Grape Adventure.  Or maybe that's Randy, Ellen and Simon.
This is a gorgeous lily - a double.  Old Double Ivory - or is it Double Old Ivory? 
This is Red Ribbons.  I have these in another place in the garden and the scapes are almost 5' tall.  I think they will bloom tomorrow.
This is Saucy Lulu.  In case you are wondering, I didn't make up these names!  But this one fits pretty well I think!  She is always an early bloomer - there are only a few buds left.
This is Dear Mom.  Wait - what's that in the corner?  That's my red Croc!  How did that get in there? The photographer's feet should probably not be in the photo! 
Another of my special favorites... Brand New Lover (again, I did not make up these names!)  She is tall and sturdy and prolific - I hope to get a good picture of the whole lot of them - they put on a spectacular show.
Here's Brand New Lover in a different place in the garden.  I love how she contrasts with the blue foliage of that sedum. 
Little BunBun is still here and is still tiny!  I don't think he's going to get any bigger.  I'm worried about him - the golf course is kind of wild at night - predators everywhere.  I hope he hides in a safe place all night.
Goodnight friends.  Goodnight BunBun.  Goodnight moon. Goodnight lilies... see you tomorrow morning.


  1. Amy....your day-lilies are just BEAUTIFUL!! I just got back from Dallas a couple days ago.. Have posted several blogs...look me up. I am slowly learning but need some help in various ways. I need to go to the Mac store and take some lessons! Miss seeing all my Hooking buddies!!!


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