Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hemerocallis Heaven

The past few days here our part of Kansas have been unusually mild - perfect June weather I would say.  The daylilies seem pretty happy about the weather too - it's been heavenly!

Early one morning I happened to spot this bug camped out inside one of the lilies.  It was almost frightening to get this close with the camera!  (I'm not great with bugs/spiders/crawly things.)  I checked again just before dark and he (or she) was still in there! 

This lily is called Orange Velvet - for obvious reasons!  As I was looking through the camera at these blooms, trying to find an angle to show all of them, I noticed this black background.  What?  A black background in the garden???  That happens to be the side of the air conditioner - it is kind of a metal screen - and in the morning light it looked black through the camera.  You never know!

This is Outrageous - another obvious name!

Lullaby Baby with a little friend.

Jaunty Lad with his own jaunty friend.  Not quite as scary as the gray bumpy one above!

The bugs do love the lilies, but daylily bugs are very unusual!

Making Friends...  she's been on here before... can't help it...  she's so pretty.

Fruit Loops.  Just like the cereal... a great way to start the day.

Cherry Cheeks with Lamb's Ear and Coreopsis.

Alfresco dining...  steelhead trout cooked on the grill, Brussels sprouts with gorgonzola and walnuts, french baguette with butter and radish (which happens to be our new favorite thing), a bowl of fresh fruit, and cold wine.  And NO BUGS!!!  Priceless.

All of a sudden I have quite a backlog of photos to post!  The lilies just keep coming and I just keep taking pictures!  I'm really enjoying my new little camera - although I still have lots to learn about it.  I'll be out there early tomorrow morning...

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