Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 2

This was a much better week!  No more flu bugs!  It feels like I made very good progress on Crazy Horse.

 This week I did a big leaf, two heart motifs, two flower motifs, a star, a cat and a deer. 

Here's a little bit closer look.  Can you see the caterpillar on that leaf?

I like my cat, but he does have a rather diabolical look on his face! 

I had lots of fun with this deer.  I didn't want to use a strong texture on him since he is so close to the texture-ish cat, so I gave him spots.  I think it works!  And of course... purple antlers!

Crazy Horse is not my first Susan Quicksall rug.  I attended a camp with her in 2009 in Eureka Springs, but even before that I made this rug, her pattern called Old Penn Floral, in 2007.

I really like my Old Penn Floral - it's at the foot of our bed, where it is a daily reminder of this...

Ouch!  That's my right ankle - cobbled back together with some pretty mean looking hardware.  The lesson in all this is to be Very Careful when carrying a large rug down the stairs.  Old Penn Floral was about half way finished when one Saturday morning I gathered my frame and wool and hooks and rug and bounded down the stairs to go to a Saturday morning hooking session with my local group.  Fortunately, the mishap occurred near the bottom of the stairs!  A corner of the rug got loose and I stepped on it and that pulled the frame out of my hands and down we all went!  Needless to say, I got lots of hooking done in the next 6 weeks!

To end on a nicer note, here are two great photos my husband took this week (he's a Pro... I mean a real Pro!)  This snow bunny is a garden sculpture in our backyard garden.  

And he got this great shot of a gorgeous eagle out at Clinton Lake.  

Today was the start of Week 3 on the Crazy Horse Quilt Runner.  I'm working on a goat - check in next week to see how it's going!  This rug is great fun to work on. 


  1. This rug is already amazing and so are you... and your blog. I think you need to make a utube video!
    "Hooker at work"-not a Charlie Sheen movie. You would get a million hits the first week and more people would get to see your excellent work.

  2. Hmmm... Anonymous - I think I know who you are. And yes, flattery will get you everywhere.

  3. Wow - I guess I can understand why your Penn Floral rug is so memorable! What an experience it must have been! You've made good progress on your crazy rug - I can't wait till you get started on the backgroun - that's my favorite part of this design. Did you know she designed it from an antique paisley shawl?


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