Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 4 (and Week 5...)

As happy as I am to be going on vacation, I'm kind of sad to know I will miss almost two weeks of work on Crazy Horse!  Week 4 had only four hooking days - and hooking time was a bit hard to come by with all the packing and errands and other things that have to happen before a trip.  But here's the progress photo for Week 4, and it will have to stand for Week 5 too!
 In the shortened Week 4, I made a dog, a rabbit, a heart, and some little round motifs (like pennies) - all of these things are over on the right side in the picture above. 

Below is a close-up of the new things.  That bunny is pretty wild!

These next two shots show what the uncut wool looks like in the rabbit and in the heart. 

It is so fascinating to see how the textures look when hooked in.  The red, green, gold one is just wonderful!
There will be no new Crazy Horse update until the end of Week 6 - which will be February 12th.
Until then, Happy Hooking and Happy Everything Else!


  1. It's looking so good Amy! I love that you showed pictures of the wools you used so we could see them before and after they were hooked up - I especially like that plaid you used for the heart! Are you off to somewhere warm on your vacation? Wherever you do, I know you'll enjoy having a break from your routine. Last night I finished hooking the footstool I've been working on and I'm so pleased with the way it turned out! You'll have to come over and see it!

  2. Hi Amy! I'm LOVING this rug you're doing. I've tried to draw something similar, but just can't get it. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my bobcat. I mean really, where is this stuff going to go? I think I'm going to send Mr. Cat down to Jim's grandson in Texas. Are you going to Lenexa? I really don't think I'll be getting up there this year. But.... hopefully, we'll maybe get to K.C. for just a little trip this spring. Would love to spend more time with you guys!


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