Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Start of Something Big

A BIG RUG!  Yesterday (January 1, 2011) was the official start of hooking for my next BIG rug project.  The pattern is "Crazy Horse Quilt Runner" by Susan Quicksall - 30" x 91".  I have A Plan in Mind for how to complete this rug during 2011, but just in case My Plan turns out to be Impossible, I think I'll keep it to myself for awhile!  Here the rug is draped over my frame so you can get a sense of how BIG it is!

Here's a closer shot.  I plan to start hooking with the horse.

That cute little scissors holder is a gift from my friend, and rug hooker, Dulcy.

Speaking of gifts from friends who are also rug hookers, Big Sheep (snoozing in basket) is a gift from Anne, and that cute round hand-painted wooden snippet bowl is a Mimi-Thing.  Big Sheep oversees all rug hooking efforts.  The old Singer works... well it would work if I replaced a belt.  Maybe someday!  Mostly I just love to look at it...

Here is a photo from Susan Quicksall's website of a finished version of the smaller rug like mine.  You can clearly see the "crazy quilt" design approach.  This photo will be very helpful to me as I work on my version!  Susan provided a list of hooking suggestions - one of which is to complete the motifs first.  Notice how each motif is outlined in a light color.  Unlike most outlining, that light outline goes on the outside of the drawn pattern line.  I think it makes the motifs appear to float above the crazy background!

All this wool... and much, much more... will become my Crazy Horse Quilt Runner!

I spent the better part of my planned hooking time yesterday reading up on various finishing techniques, cutting wool, and pondering the pattern...  but I did make an official start on the rug... ta dah!

I don't know if large flocks of birds in the backyard on the first day of the new year is a bad omen or a good omen... but here's what we saw out of our kitchen window yesterday.  These photos were taken through the window screen so they are a little fuzzy.  It was amazing!  I couldn't even get them all in the photo.

 I think they are a Good Omen.  Let's go with that.
Happy New Year Everyone.  Peace on Earth.

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