Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 14

Hi Crazy Fans.  Week 14 was interrupted by a trip to the legendary Flint Hills here in Kansas.  For a few weeks in early April the tallgrass prairie is burned to make way for the new baby grass.  This is not just a little field somewhere out in the middle of Kansas - this is thousands of acres of grasslands in the shape of rolling hills.  It is a photographer's paradise!  (I've placed a few of my photos below.)  I only mention this excursion now as My Big Fat Excuse for not getting more accomplished this week on my rug.

I did take the rug with me, knowing I would have a few hours here and there to hook while Photo Mike was out with his Photo Buddies looking for smoke... because where there is smoke...  well, you know the rest.

And now...   the center of the rug is complete!!!
I gave it a critical eye this morning as it was lying there on the floor to be photographed.  I think it needs a little splash of turquoise somewhere in the vicinity of the dog and rabbit.  Those two rust-colored shapes just under the rabbit may be converted to turquoise.

The last bits of background to be worked were in this general area...

Now I've got to get busy on the border.  Next week I'll show you my idea for adding my initials and the year to the ends of the rug.  Actually, I should not call it my idea!  You'll see.

Here are a few of my prairie fire shots taken with my little Canon camera (I just looked at the front of it and it says Power Shot SX 200 IS).  I will try to talk Photo Mike into letting me show you some of his shots next week.

This next one looks like it was taken on another planet far far away.

My favorite... 

Spring means garden clean-up here at my house.  While it definitely qualifies as Hard Work, it is not quite as terrifying as preparing the tallgrass prairie for the next growing season!

Happy Hooking and Happy Everything Else Too!


  1. Wow, those fire pictures are intense. Your rug looks amazing! You must feel like the end is near with just the border to go. I just love all of your little critters. The colors are great! It's been fun watching the progress.

  2. WooHoo Amy! Your rug looks SO good - I'll bet you feel a great sense of accomplishment on finishing it to this point!

    Here in the West, prescribed burns always have a way of getting out of hand - we cringe when we hear of one being planned. Hope your fires behave themselves!


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