Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 16

Sorry I'm late!!!  There have been great distractions this week...

I did make a bit more progress on the border.  Here's the Week 16 overall shot.

I have made about 9 different color plans for the various border sections this week!  I hope I end up with the best one!  I also "simplified" my plan for adding my initials and the year to the two ends of the rug.  To do the more complicated version (like I showed you last week), I had to give up two of those tongues on the short end of the rug, and I decided I didn't like that so much.  So, here is my much simplified approach for the "2011" - and the other end of the rug will have my initials.  The numbers might need a bit of tweaking when I get all the background in - but that will be easy.

I'm very excited that this coming weekend is our annual rug hooking retreat at The Barn.  Tune in next Sunday for some photos.  Let's just say we hope to celebrate the royal wedding in our own special way...

Here's my Easter present from my hubby.  He KNOWS I'm on a diet.  And, he knows HE's on a diet.  But chocolate is now good for us, right?  This bunny is from our famous Andre's in Kansas City.

We finally saw some nice blue sky today.  When I realized it was blue, I ran upstairs to photograph my dogwood tree from our bedroom window.  I do this every year - I can't help it!  I have about a gazillion shots but here are four of my favorites.

And since it is Easter, here's one more bunny - it is a birdhouse...

My new passion is watching my backyard Momma Robin...  here's her production for this week!!!

I am trying hard to get a photo of her sitting on the nest.  She is learning to tolerate me being out there working in the garden.  As you can probably tell, she built this nest way too close to the ground...  only about 4 feet up...  so hopefully Momma and babes will be safe.

Next week's update will be on Sunday again...

Happy Hooking and Happy Spring...


  1. Your bunny bird house is fabulous!!

  2. I love your bunny birdhouse! I love the birds in the garden too! Great photos of the spring color. Try to portion that yummy chocolate out!

  3. I don't think dogwoods even GROW here in Utah - what beautiful flowers! We usually have robins nests in several trees in our yard - I enjoy them - except at 5 am when they usually start chirpping in the spring! LOL Lucky you with the chocolate bunny - I only indulged in marshmallow peep bunnies this year - much more calorie friendly - sigh! You made good progress on your rug this week!

  4. I love all these photos! Your rug is gorgeous, and those robin eggs are the most beautiful shade of blue imaginable! Only in nature can you find that color... not in the dye pots. We are going to be spending the night of the 25th of June in Lawrence. A friend's birthday is on the 26th up there. Hoping we can all get together... more on that later.
    p.s. will be hooking in Warsaw on the 29th


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