Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 15

This was my first official "border" week.  I can tell it is going to go fairly quickly - much faster than working on the interior of the rug - but maybe a bit less "fun" than hooking the animals.

The border of the rug is made up of tongues and a simple leafy vine.  Here's a close-up of a partially completed vine.  The background color here is the purple/plum, which is one of the 7 background colors used in the center of the rug. 

 And here is a close-up of tongues.  After I saw these pictures this morning, I decided to try varying the background color around the border.  I've already established the purple/plum behind the vines.  I will put the rust background behind the tongues on the long sides (i.e., the 7 shown below, and again on the other side).  Then on the short sides I'll use my red.  The background on the short sides actually wraps around the corners - so that will look cool.  Oops, I've photographed my tootsies!
I am going to change the two short ends to incorporate Susan's design for adding her initials and the year as shown in this smaller version of the rug.  (See 2005 on the left side, and Susan's initials on the right side.)

Right now, this is how the two short ends on my rug are drawn.  I will remove the center three (or maybe five?) tongues and switch to the design shown above.

Wanna see a few more prairie fire shots?  Mike took these and said I could share them with you...
 I love the sky in this one.

 Love this one...
 Burning ring of fire...
 Very soon, the hillside will be as green as the field in the foreground.

Springtime in my front yard...
 I just realized I posted the 2010 version of this photo last year, right after I started this blog.  Time seems to be flying by!!!

Happy Hooking Everyone!  Enjoy this glorious spring weather (which has been a little "hit or miss" around here!)


  1. Amy - I'd say the end is in sight on your runner - have you got your next project all picked yet? Awesome pictures of the fires.

  2. I love all your ideas for the border. It's coming together so quickly! Do you have a spot picked out for it yet?


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