Monday, May 9, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 18 and Cupboard Doors and Morels!

If you are following the progress of this rug, you will notice Right Away that little progress was made this week.  I have been trying to rest my arm and shoulder, but the other activity that calls out to me is the garden - and I don't think that's doing my arm any good either!  Somehow I was able to get 4 corner tongues and those little dividers next to them hooked this week - only a couple of hours of work.  So, just for the sake of keeping the weekly photo thing going, here's this week's photo:

Last Wednesday was the once-a-month meeting of the Woolhawks, a small group of rug hookers here in Lawrence.  We meet at the library - normally in a nice size gallery space with long tables and plenty of room.  Last week we could not have that room, but they would let us meet in a small conference room.  A tiny conference room would be a better description.  I decided not to take my big rug to the tiny room!  I have several of Anita White's "Cupboard Series" patterns in my stash, so I pulled out one of those and some wool to take to Woolhawks.  Tiny rug for tiny room!  Here's what I came up with.  The spot dye will be the background and the other colors will be the design. This design is called Tulip.  (Anita's post on February 27 has a photo showing lots of the different designs in the series.) 
The rugs in this series measure about 6.75" by 18.25".  She also provides the wonderful primitive frames shown below to fit the patterns.  On the left is a red one - I bought this one thinking I would use it for the Tulip design, but now I can see that it won't work with the colors I pulled. But it will work for lots of other things - maybe a Santa?  On the right is the only other Cupboard rug I have made so far - and I love it!  I didn't really start out trying to make a barkcloth look, but I think the finished rug has that look.
The pumpkin rug is removable (velcro dots) and it is completely finished.  I could use it just like any other piece - it does not have to be in the frame.  For seasonal pieces this is great - you can use the same frame for several different little rugs during the year. 

Here is the other Cupboard Series rug I have in my stash.  This will be a fun one!

And... one of the best things about this time of year...
We have absolutely gorged ourselves on these the past few days!  Just heavenly!  

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Seeing your beautiful work makes me want to begin hooking.

  2. Oh and I am so jealous of your morels---Yummy!

  3. Hi Amy! Glad you like the Cupboard Series pieces. I am teaching in Waupaca Wi and having a great workshop. It is rainy here!

    See you when I get back home.



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