Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 17 and The Barn

After a fun weekend retreat at The Barn consisting of hooking, laughing, eating and imbibing, here's this week's update on Crazy Horse.  I am working my way around the border.

There is really not much to show or talk about with the border, so here are some shots from The Barn!  I tried to get a photo of all the rugs just before we left so that all the "progress" could be included.  I know I missed a few rugs that had already been put away.  I won't mention names of the rug hookers because I know some people don't like to have their names out in cyberspace, but I will try to tell you about the patterns.

Here are two versions of Flip Flop Bunny Hop from Dogwood Hooked Arts.

I love this rug...  it is a pattern from goinggray called Painted Ponies.  The hooker told me that her color plan was inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt.  The incredible background was her idea and WOW!  This rug is fabulous in person.

Here is Elizabeth's Garden from Cabin Fever Rugs.  I got to watch all those darling little flower pots get colored in!
 Here they are being colored in...check out her organized wool strips!
... a close-up view!

This is Fountain of Eweth (get it?) from Primitive Grace.  That one bright pink flower will soon be joined by others in a variety of bright colors - this hooker always delivers when it comes to brights!  We got into hysterics several times trying to figure out how to make the sheep faces.  There were also many discussions about whether the sheep are flowing out of a fountain or hanging in a tree.  (Issue still unresolved.)

Primitive Fruit.  This is a beautiful pattern and one I would love to do someday because I collect old fruit prints.  Can't wait to see this one again!  Knowing this hooker, it will be finished soon!

This is Century of Shoes.  It will become the cover of a bench where this hooker sits to put on her shoes...  shoes that go on the same feet you see there in the photo!

This is a Deanna Fitzpatrick pattern - can't remember the name.  The whole pattern has 5 women in bright dresses - really cute!  The outlining technique is very unusual, and the overall effect is wonderful.

Fine hooking...  really incredible.  I left the feet in the photo to show the scale.  She is really closing in on finishing this!  I could never even dream of doing a rug like this! 
 Here's a close-up of the center...

This is a quilt block rug being produced by the State Line Rug Hookers Guild.  There is only one space left to fill!  I believe the plan is to auction it off for a worthy cause.  
This particular block was designed and hooked at the retreat.  I just love the design and the colors and everything about it!

This wonderful paisley design is being hooked by Anita White.  She made lots of progress on it.  The paisley in this rug is fabulous.  You should keep checking Anita's blog to see how this turns out... 

Anita designed and hooked this geometric as a "trial" before making a larger version of it.  It's fun to look at it both ways - see the pinwheels, then see the stars.  She plans to put another row of the brown around the outside edge.  It is 8 and 8.5 cut.
Chicks!  I love the chicken wire!

I am not sure of the name of this pattern, but it is by Rhonda Manley.  The hooker started on the border at the retreat.  This has a beautiful antique look...  really spectacular.

Here's the gift I chose in the gift exchange...  I will finish it with the materials you see there.  Quite a change of pace from plain wool strips!  I also got a great cookbook by the chef at Jasper's - a famous Kansas City landmark.  Can't wait to read it and pick out some things to try.

If you are a rug hooker, this scene is probably familiar to you.  It's nice to see it someplace other than in my house!

We had lots of fun watching the royal wedding reruns on BBC.  We all brought hats and gloves and tea cups/saucers in honor of the wedding.  Here are several of the hats...the green one is much more chartreuse than it appears here...

And here is our farewell shot... with our hats on!

Best Wishes to William and Kate!  Try to stay away from the Paparazzi!

Now back to my Crazy Horse border ...

Happy Hooking!


  1. Thank you State Line Rug Hookers Guild for organizing the retreat!

  2. Amy - How fun to see all those pictures! Thanks so much for taking them and sharing them with us since we didn't get to attend the event! Some really fun ones there - I love the vertical striped background on the chicks rug. And since I'm also a quilter - I love the quilt blocks. The shoe rug is very unique and fun. I'd love to see the wool that was used for the canteloupe on the fruit rug - it looks EXACTLY like the skin of a canteloupe! And the background on the painted ponies is totally awesome - what a great idea to add interest in that way. And YOUR rug is chugging right along! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Amy ~
    Thanks for the wonderful post and for sharing all the rugs. They are all spectacular.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Hi and thanks for the rug show. I would love to do the primitive fruit rug. Where would I get it?


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