Monday, May 30, 2011

Crazy Horse Quilt Runner: Week 20-21

I won't post my usual shot of the full rug on the floor because, well, there has not been much progress.  Still have the arm issue so I have REALLY cut back.  20 minutes or so of hooking each day is about all I let myself do. 

I have moved my hooking operation out to the screened porch.  Here's Crazy Horse lounging on the porch, wondering what the heck happened to me!

The porch is one of my favorite places to be.  A wonderful craftsman from Bethany, MO built all this willow furniture for us.  I collected Saltillo blankets to upholster the cushions.

The rug is pretty much covering up the love seat (above).  Here are the two chairs...

and the chaise lounge...

and the tall table...

Mike made the "chandelier" over the table from an Osage Orange (Hedge) branch and 5 glass bottles he found somewhere on one of his travels.  Each bottle has a metal hanger with a place to put a tealight in the bottom.  After we broke one of the bottles we had to drink a whole bottle of Milagro and have the bottom cut off to replace the broken bottle (it's the blue one)!

The garden is super lush right now - with foliage!  We have had lots of moisture and everything is growing like a weed, including the weeds.  The hybrid daylilies are still a few weeks away - I can't wait!!!
Here's one of my cute bunny planters all decked out with mini petunias.

Here's the plant I nursed through the winter indoors because I love survived and now that it is back outside it is flourishing again.  Today it is celebrating Memorial Day and remembering all those who Serve Our Country... hope you are too.

Crazy Horse will not make another appearance on the blog until it is FINISHED!  I really hope that will be soon.  I can't wait to see it in its place and walk on it everyday!

Happy Hooking.  Happy Gardening.


  1. Your porch is so pretty. I've been away from my rug as well, as we are headed into house moving soon. Your little planter is so sweet.

  2. I love your porch, the furniture is wonderful. I am from Missouri but a ways from Bethany.
    The chandelier is great and I am sure is lovely when lighted.
    Hope your shoulder heals soon.

  3. HI Amy - I have a front stoop made of concrete (about 4' x 6'), so it would be HEAVEN for me to have a porch like yours! Your yard is looking lovely - we've had so much cold and rain that things are really slow this year!

  4. Your pictures and posts make me want to just come move in with you two!
    Beautiful home and garden....could not possibly be replicated anywhere else (I know you know what I mean in my own selfish way!) It did hit my mind that the porch furniture pads would fit somewhere else really well though (trying really hard not to be selfish!) Your rug is extra wonderful! Hope you rested your shoulder over the weekend! Thanks, for sharing, Love, Connie

  5. Don't push on finishing your rug. It is amazing how much gets done working 20 minutes a day.
    Love your porch and your furniture. It looks like a peaceful place in which to relax and just enjoy life.

  6. Such lovely work. Also love that plant! I have seen them before, but don't have a clue of what it is called. I shall gladly follow your blog!

  7. Amy..... Had such a good time visiting with you guys! The bread is wonderful, and I'm toasting it everyday. The cookies didn't make it too far out of K.C. Also, loved the garden.... especially baby bunny.

  8. Hi Amy, I wander over your blog for the first time to see what you are about because Dulcy put a link to your blog and I'm so pleased to see many of my blogger friends here too.

    I love your willow furniture and the covers you made for the chairs. What a creative idea for a chandelier. I love it.

    I have put away my rug also as I love to garden in the summer and I'm way too busy to hook at the moment but I always love to look at rugs whenever I have a chance. Great design and your colors goes so well with your decor.

    I am joining your followers.

    I hope that you had a great 4th of July. JB

  9. Hello Amy,
    Your rug is looking great.That a big rug to take on.I LOVE your porch,my kind of decor.


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