Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cute little baby hat

Well, it seems that almost all of my same-age friends are becoming grandmothers.  And I (always on the lookout for some excuse to push away from my desk), have made a sweet little hat for a friend's first grandbaby.

I always thought that crocheting something round would be "advanced", but trust me - this was easy.  In fact, I made this hat while watching the Jayhawks lose that basketball game last Saturday.  (Not a pleasant association I must say.)

The hat seems kind of tiny...  but so are newborn babies... so I think it will fit.  It's a bit stretchy too.

I used a cotton sport weight yarn by Saucy.  The brim is rolled up in the photo, but it can also be worn down to make it a little sun hat.  The hooked mat underneath is a pattern designed by Anita White.  I used scraps of many different colors to make the pennies.

Now, back to work until the next distraction comes along.

Have a great day!

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