Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Bunny Time!

I love bunnies.  Easter week is a great time for lovin' the bunnies.

The first bunny in my collection was made by my son when he was in kindergarten (or possibly first grade?).  It was a gift to me.  I love it.

When I first started rug hooking, I was very drawn to patterns with rabbits.  I have branched out some - but I know there are many more rabbit rugs in my future - in fact there is one on my frame right now!  (I'll get that on here when it is finished...)

Here is my very first hooked rug - or should I say the rug that got me hooked!  This is an Anita White pattern.

Shortly after the little bunny mat was completed I ordered this Warren Kimble pattern.  When Anita showed it to me I thought it was huge!  I know better now - but it still looked huge at the time.  I love the square pennies and the hit or miss rows in the border.  And of course, I love the bunny...

The rug below is from Dogwood Hooked Art.  I improvised a bit...  I gave the rabbit a carrot to hold (actually he pulled it up from the garden and is about to eat it).  At the time I was working on this rug, my friend Anne was doing a series of rugs for her kitchen with sayings on them so I decided I wanted a saying on this rug.  I replaced the flowery space in the bottom of the original design with my saying... Carpe Carota.  Yes, the Latin word for carrot (or the closest thing they had to a carrot at that time) is carota.  SEIZE THE CARROT. 

This little mat is a William Morris inspired design.  It is very sweet...

My Mom (an antiques dealer) is a great source of bunnies for my collection.  I'm pretty sure all three of these came from her.  The large white one is wonderful - very old, made of wool.

Happy Bunny Week everyone!

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