Friday, March 12, 2010

A little color on a gray day...

The first day of spring is just a few days away... but it sure doesn't look like it outside!  And inside, at our house anyway, it's almost just as bad.  We had a flood here last Sunday night (think dishwasher malfunction...). 

So here's a few splashes of color that helped to brighten my day...

We spotted these growing next to a little beach house in a village along the Oregon coast last summer.

How cute is this???  Along the Columbia Gorge outside of Portland.

 Rose Garden, Portland, OR

Rose Garden, Portland, OR

Rose Garden, Portland, OR

Color-Full!!!  A scrappy rug by my scrappy friend Anne.

Anne again...  color, color, color!!!!  She is the queen of bright colors!

This is the first of four motifs on a rug pattern I'm working on by Susan Quicksall.  I'm trying out this bright color thing!  Actually there are two of these patterns and I will make them into pillows to go with a quilt I made years ago.

Here it is a little further along.  The black and white stripe background is...hmmm... challenging.  When I get both pillows finished, I'll post them along with the quilt.

This is a tulip I bought in a little set at the grocery store - three bulbs down in the bottom of a glass cylinder.  They grew and bloomed and were gorgeous.  I have never seen a tulip open all the way like this!

About the same time they bloomed we had a beautiful snowstorm.  I couldn't resist.

Have a great day!

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