Friday, March 5, 2010


Several nights ago was the monthly get-together of the WoolHawks here in Lawrence. We have a new member for our little rug hooking group and she brought a recently completed rug for us to enjoy. It is wonderful! It is an Emma Lou pattern and is beautifully hooked - great color and texture with a true primitive feel.

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I will post pictures of our rugs here from time to time.  We're all very busy with work and kids and weddings and grandkids and so forth, so a completed rug is not an everyday occurrence!  All the more reason to celebrate when it does happen!

To have a new member in the WoolHawks at this time is very special.  We recently lost our dear friend Marilyn who was instrumental in starting and growing our group.  She was always looking for ways to get more rug hookers in our group and to introduce new people to rug hooking.  I know she's very happy to see a new face around the table.

Have a great day. 

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